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SanDisk Extreme64 GB USB 3 Flash Drive

SUPER FAST so can be used to boot your Mac or access files right off with no performance
penalty. It is a bit longer than a normal USB thumb drive and typically costs a bit more than slower drives




ADATA Superior Series S102 PRO 32 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive AS102P-32G-RGY
This was my "go-to" drive and we have six of them. Slightly slower than SandDisk Extreme, shorter
but is very reasonably priced and well made.



Inova X1 LED Flashlight, black. Uses 1 AA Battery so super bright, economical and well sized.




Fenix E01 Flashlight, black. Uses 1 AAA battery so even smaller and perfect for a pocket.



Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, All natural, small chunks of real ginger makes this unlike your parent's ginger ale.
Favorite soda for an adult taste of ginger in the Original flavor






Disclosure: We have a number of partnerships with other business entities including those listed here.  These relationships are often beneficial to both our clients and to our consultancy.
Our clients gain with discounted rates, special services, better training or our ability to leverage the relationship. We may get discounted or free services and other benefits.
Regardless of any such benefits, we promise that it is against the grain of our being and our principles to ever recommend or suggest a client use one of our partnerships based solely on benefits we may derive.
We firmly believe that any recommendations made will be in the best interest of the client first and foremost.

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